STAN: a software for a Community Strategic Framework

Marco Lombardi


The application of a community strategic framework (CSF) (Scattoni, 2018) requires simple and low-cost techniques. CSF is an approach communities can work with to identify the main characteristics of the problems they are facing and to help with making decisions about these problems. This article outlines the essential and immediately operational elements for applying STAN (STrategic ANalysis) software. This develops from the “strategic choice” approach (Friend and Jessop, 1969) and, while computerised techniques have been developed, they have been found to have limitations and have been little-used (Friend and Hickling, 2005). Some applications have been attempted in the Italian context (Giangrande and Mortola, 2005) but without a significant following.

This paper aims to show how a computerised technique called STAN, which developed about ten years ago, can be used for constructing and managing a CSF. Indeed, this technique has characteristics that are well suited to community use because, in particular, it requires only basic knowledge of computer science, which we can assume to be present in many small groups of people.

An important additional condition is the STAN software’s free license, available as open source software. The method’s versatility makes it possible to integrate it properly where the formation of the CSF is oriented to cooperation, information exchange, or possible conflict comparison between various stakeholders, as well as decision makers.


Strategic Choice, Community Strategic Framework, Public Participation, Planning, Urban design

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