An Indicator-based Approach to Measuring Regeneration of Historic Cities.

Alessia Ferretti


Historic towns and cities are a distinctive element of Italian settlement. Despite their strategic role in structuring the Italian territorial framework, over the last few years they have been troubled by widespread abandonment and decay. While a major transition from preservation to regeneration policies has taken place, it has become evident that a crucial aspect is the evaluation of achieved goals and final success. Against this background, the main purpose of this study is to highlight the need to provide a crosscutting and fully accessible set of indicators for measuring regeneration strategies for historic towns, and to develop a methodological proposal helping local authorities in assessing the effectiveness of their development strategies and supporting the possible rescheduling of interventions while raising the interest about the use of indicators. An operational tool – the Set of Indicators for historic cities – is proposed based on the analysis and the selection of indicators adopted internationally. The conceptual structuring of indicators is explored with a discussion of the selection process and the definition of a scoring framework. The casestudy analysis is also reported – indicators being applied to Toscana and Sardegna to test the extent and the validity of the proposed indicators. Conclusions are drawn concerning potential benefits and the applicability of the set of Indicators for historic towns.


italian Planning; Italy; Environmental Planning; Development Control; Development Plans; Strategic Plans; Strategic Environmental Assessment; Heritage Management; citizen participation; public involvement

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