Urban fabric, construction types and the art of city­building. Approaches and methods for post­earthquake recontruction plans.

Francesco Andreani, Caterina F. Carocci


This paper focuses on describing the contents of Reconstruction Plans for the historical centres of Villa Sant'Angelo and Fossa as urban projects. In spite of the specificity of the two cases presented ­ different from each other in terms of starting condition, the level and extent of damage and the intrinsic qualities of the urban fabric ­ it emphasizes the methodology defined and used for the formation of
management tools for post earthquake reconstruction. The plan decisions derive from in­depth analysis and research carried out on both these centres aimed at defining intervention categories and guidelines for reconstruction and for preserving the local characteristics of buildings with measures and solutions integrated with the history of the damaged cities. Based on the identification of the main characteristics of the local built environment, the plans for Villa Sant'Angelo and Fossa define projects where transformations and even different types of development are possible; these are derived, in any case, from that same built identity continuing its themes.


Italian Planning; Italy; Environmental Planning; Development Control; Development Plans; Strategic Plans; Strategic Environmental Assessment; Heritage Management

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