Difficult balances and impossible partners. The implementation local plan for San Giovanni a Teduccio in Naples.

Enrico Formato


This article is about the processes involved in preparing the preliminary draft of the implementation local plan (ILP) of the San Giovanni a Teduccio district of Naples (2008). The plan, drawn up during the activities of the Innovative programme in the urban field (PIAU) financed by the Ministry of Infrastructure in 2004, aims to integrate a series of initiatives, already in progress or planned in the district for the designing of public space, by giving special attention to the redevelopment of the waterfront and the strengthening of its relationships with the city. In the given conditions, the solutions proposed by the plan represent the most advanced point of balance between different visions which general urban planning and subsequent programme agreements can bring about. Finally, ILP’s work is subjected to a persistent contradiction, a structural incompatibility between the activities of the commercial port and the renovation of the waterfront: port and city generate a dialectic which, at present, is not conducive either to economic development based on the logistics or to urban renovation. Why don’t we look for other options rather than this unfruitful incompatibility?


Italian Planning; Italy; Environmental Planning; Development Control; Development Plans; Strategic Plans; Strategic Environmental Assessment; Heritage Management

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